International Workshop on Higher-Order Rewriting

Workshop Topics          

The aim of HOR is to provide an informal and friendly setting to discuss recent work and work in progress concerning higher-order rewriting.
HOR is a forum to present work concerning all aspects of higher-order rewriting. The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics for the workshop:
Previous HORs          

HOR 2002 (workshop's page) was part of FLoC 2002 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

HOR 2004 (workshop's page) was part of RDP 2004 in Aachen, Germany.

HOR 2006 (workshop's page) was part of FLoC 2006 in Seattle, USA.

HOR 2007 (workshop's page) was part of RDP 2007 in Paris, France.

HOR 2010 (workshop's page) was part of FLoC 2010 in Edinburgh, UK.

HOR 2012 (workshop's page) was an RTA 2012 workshop in Nogaya, Japan.

HOR 2014 (workshop's page) was an RTA-TLCA 2014 workshop in Vienna, Austria.

HOR 2016 (workshop's page) was an FSCD 2016 workshop in Porto, Portugal.

HOR 2018 (workshop's page) was part of FSCD 2018 workshop in Oxford, UK.

HOR 2019 (workshop's page) was part of FSCD 2019 workshop in Dortmund, Germany.

HOR 2023 (workshop's page) will be a FSCD 2023 workshop in Rome, Italy.

Steering Committee          

Delia Kesner    Université Paris 7   France
Femke van Raamsdonk    Vrije Universiteit   The Netherlands